Pixel Prestige holds all the Pixel Starships related content I've created. I made things I found useful and figured it might be useful to other people so posted it up online. I also enjoy making this type of thing so it's been a lot of fun putting it together.

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My (mostly boring) PSS Journey

I played FTL: Faster Than Light quite heavily many years ago and loved it. So when I saw a screenshot of Pixel Starships in late 2019 I figured it would be my type of game. Mobile games don't usually grab me but for whatever reason PSS did and I accidentally got very addicted to it. Starting out the game doesn't hold your hand very much and I enjoyed that initially. But soon there was just too many unanswered questions that I started searching for answers. Through google I soon found Pixel Perfect Guide and 90% of everything I know I learnt from that site. About the same time I moved to "The Barons of Letniv" fleet (now called "Red Barons"), a Div C fleet at the time. Between Pixel Perfect Guide, advice from my new fleets help channels in discord (and a lot of trial and error) the Gunship+Tele strategy was born and my win rate skyrocketed.

I like being efficient, and I wanted to be certain I was levelling the best crew possible, but I couldn't find a tier list for 3 Star crew that I could follow. Clicking round the PSS Wiki was painful, and while PixyShip (now dead) was very cool it still didn't tell me what crew to get for what I wanted. They all just gave me information and left me to fend for myself. So one day I figured I'd rank crew myself based on everything I knew and the Role Scores on the Crew List page were born.

About the same time as I got the crew role ranking working, I realised the same questions kept coming up over and over in the lowbie player discord channels. So I figured I'd write up my strategy to help out the fleet and 'Just Do This' guide was created. I didn't want it to be just a re-wording of Pixel Perfect Guide, that already exists and is brilliant. I just wanted a dummies guide that I could spam and say 'just do that'. Not "Here are all the information, enjoy" but "shut up, do this exactly like I tell you". Make it easy for beginners to get a solid base strategy to working from.

And then I got to level 8/9, scored myself a few crew rooms and learnt about prestiging. Just like with my gas crew and wanting to get the best possible for each role, I wanted to take the optimal prestige path to get the end game crew I wanted. But how? Once again clicking around PixyShip or spamming the Dolores discord bot only gets you so far. There are just waaaay too many combinations to keep in your head. Failed attempts at tracking things in excel lead to about two months worth of effort trying to both get the prestige data, and then process it to output something useful. I almost gave up, I gave myself many headaches, but eventually the Prestige Calculator was born. It's not perfect, but it melted my brain getting it working so I'm still pretty happy with how it turned out.

And it's just kept growing with more and more of the game data and more and more tools. From a single page, to the hugeness that is today has been over a year of work and hundreds of hours. Hopefully other people finds the guide and the tools useful - at the very least it was fun to create and I learnt a lot if nothing else.