Prestige Calculator v1.1

Trying to calculate what you can make, or how to prestige to a specific crew member by hand is a huge pain, just enter your crew below and let this tool calculate it all for you.

The prestige calculator has two modes. First you enter all the crew you have (or are planning to buy) and then:

  • Leave the target field blank: The tool will then randomly pair your crew to see what you can make using only existing crew.
  • Fill in the target crew field: The tool will then work backwards, trying to figure out how to optimally prestige to your chosen target crew. It search 500 options and show you the best solutions that requires the least extra crew possible.

If you don't like the solutions provided simply hit refresh to see new ones (works for both modes).

This tool is still new! There might will be bugs, and/or issues - if you find something broken or have any feedback at all please contact me.


Register and login to save your list of available crew, save prestige solutions and mark them off as complete.

Crew Details

Step 1: Add your crew

    Add all crew your willing to sacrifice to prestiging (can add multiple crew at once with comma between names):

    Step 2: Set Target Crew

    The crew member you want to end up with:

    Recommended prestige path(s)

    7 days until recipe change!

    Every 3 months some of the prestige combinations change. Usually on the 1st of Jan, April, July and October. Exact timing for when the recipes change though is NOT guarenteed so use caution when prestiging around those dates.

    Next change expected on: 1st - Jul - 2024

    These are the best paths found by the tool using the crew available (and target if entered). If you've given the tool lots of options, to search every single possibility would crash this script in lots of cases (there are a too many possible combinations to fit in memory if you're going from 3 star unique crew to legendary). Instead the tool guesses 'probably' good combinations to try. The most optimal solutions are likely listed below, but I do NOT guarantee it. There is some random used in making guess so each time you reload the page you'll can see different solutions. Just hit refresh the page a few times to see some different options if you don't like what it shows you the first time.


    There is no guarantee you'll ever see it again!

    Only allow owned crew Generate New Solutions


    • No - I won't let you set multiple targets and have it sort out who to use for what. Right now I'm already working with hundreds of thousands to millions of possibilities in some situations. Multiple targets would probably get into the billions. This script is crazy enough and my brain has already melted just making this work. The logic needed for multiple targets is beyond my mental capacity.
    • How does it work? Magic ... but it works so I stopped trying to understand it.