"Just do this" guide to PSS Gunship+Tele Strategy

Not sure what crew or rooms to use? Not sure what gear to equip? Don't want to read lots of different tutorials/guides and try to piece it all together?

Then this is the page for you. It contains specific recommendations for which crew to farm gas pulls for, how many you should get and what you should do with them. There is nothing else in here about how to play the game generally. The best general "how to play" guide is Pixel Perfect Guide. Read it all if you want to understand the game. It covers everything and is an excellent resource for both beginner and intermediate players, but it offers you with hundreds of options. However while it teaches you loads of stuff, it doesn't tell you what to do. That's where the "Just do this!" guide comes in - no options, just instructions!

The strategy below has helped me win +90% of my PvP battles from level 5 to 9 - hopefully it'll help you to.

Once you hit level 10 and 11, this strategy will still work fine, but it stops being brutally effective ... but by then your level 10 and hopefully love the game enough to start exploring options on your own.

TLDR - Too long, didn't read!

Just dot point me the critical stuff:


Gunship + tele

There are lot of different strategies you can use during ship battles. I'm ignoring everything except gunship and teleporter. For this we'll be going 80% gun ship, 20% teleporter. The Gunship is simple and very effective at all levels, you just load up on weapons and shoot till the opponent is dead. The teleporter room puts your crew into the enemy ship, where they disable rooms and fight enemy crew. You can't destroy the ship with boarders way but you can completely disable it allowing your guns to easily finish the job. Using the teleporter is more complicated and requires more AI to get working, but it is completely over powered for much of the early/mid game levels. The setup required to use it is completely worth the effort. Against anyone without AI, the teleporter has 99% chance of victory, which happens a lot at level 1-6.

For this strategy to work, you need to:

  • Equip your Teleporter (TLP). This unlocks at ship level 5, if you're still level 1-4 you can farm the crew and setup everything else, but you can't actually use boarders until 5.
  • Equip all weapon rooms that you can. Some notes:
    • Bolters (BT) are really low health rooms that can be targeted. Starting around level 7/8 they might get focused and cause a loss. Feel free to remove them if they're causing losses or you don't have enough power.
    • Small Weapons Platform (SWP) can choose between Minigun and Photon Phaser. Build the Minigun. The Minigun is default option because we have boarder to take out shields, but if you find shields are a problem for you then build the Photon Phaser - it's also great.
    • Medium Weapons Platform (MWP) again allows a choice like the SWP. Default choice is the Laser Blaster as this is the highest DPS weapon but again the other options are fine if they work better for you.
  • From level 7 on you can also equip an Android Studio if you have enough power available to run it. It can be a target, but if powered and utilised correctly it's a big help during combat.
  • Removed all other rooms that use power but don't help gun ship directly, such as:
  • Only equip auxiliary rooms if you have enough space (resource collectors, gym etc). Never choose these rooms over any weapons or the teleporter. Resources rooms give you so little they're never worth it past about level 4 (one good Jackpot PvP battle will give way more). The other rooms are situational and can be swapping in and out as needed.
  • Borrow as many high level crew from your fleet as you can. They don't count against your crew count cap, and let you have more crew on your ship than you can without borrowing. Prioritise boarders or defenders, if not them then gunners where possible (more on these crew roles below).
  • If you're spending (or save up enough BUX from ads), buy all the bedrooms you can. Bedrooms = more crew, and more crew = always better!
  • Get your ship layout checked by your fleet or reddit because it can make a big difference. It's too big a topic to cover here.

And of course follow the rest of the advice from the Pixel Perfect Beginners section, such as not hull rushing your ship and locking your favourite crew etc.

Next up - Crew + AI!