There are a lot of different calculations happening in Pixel Starships. This page can help you translate meaningless game numbers back into real world values!

Game Frames To Seconds

Frames to Seconds formula:

Seconds = Frames / 40

Tournament Star Value

Tournament star value formula:

Rewarded Stars = Max(defendingtrophy/1000, stars*0.15)

(Only counts in Tournament battles for fleets that qualified).

Weapon Reload Time

Weapon Reload Time Formula:

Time Remaining = Current Reload Time/(1+(Sum of Crew Stat In Room*0.01))

(Which stat is used (WPN/SCI/PLT etc) depends on room).
(Add correct room stat together for every crew standing in room)


That reload speed is then also modified by rooms power which is governed by:

Final Reload Time = Base Reload Time × (Maximum Room Power ÷ Current Room Power)

Armor Damage Reduction

Armor Damge Reduction Formula:

Damage Taken = 1/(1+(Combined Armor Stat*0.01)) * Shot Damage

(Armor only applies to system damage).
(Armor is touching a room only if one of the four faces touch. Diagonal armor doeos NOT count as touching!).
(NOT ship level, this is the level of the armor block itself!)


Crew Gas Draw Price

Crew Gas Draw Price Formula:

Exponent = Max([Number of all 3/4/5 star Crew members], Floor(DNA/100))

Base Gas Draw Price = 500 * (1.5 ^ Exponent) floored to the two most significant digits

Final Gas Draw Price = Min([Base Gas Draw Price], 2 Million)

(In the blender - if no you don't blender crew this will be 0)