Random Knowledge

Things you might not know that are useful to know!

  • Changing any power setting manually totally disables all power AI for ALL rooms.

    • Manually moving crew disables the AI for only that one crew, but manually changing power for one room turns off all power AI for ALL rooms.
  • Inbox is unlimited storage as long as you stay under ~500k resources for any single inbox entry

    • If you do large transactions (+500k) your inbox will pretty soon tell you it's full and that you cannot fit anymore in. However if you keep all your transactions below 500k then you can have as much as you want stored in your inbox. This is why, even at level 9+ when you hold millions of resources people still swap 500k (which ends up as 400k in you inbox allowing for infinite swaps). It will get deleted after 4 months, so don't keep it there forever but it's a great storage area for doing mass farms during tournaments then slowly using it over the next few weeks as you upgrade.
  • Your ship gets fully healed after a defence loss

    • You get crushed in a PvP battle, 0 ship HP remaining. Going to take 30 minutes to repair. What do you do? You close the app and wait for someone to take you down, because if they do you'll instantly be on full health and ready to go (minus missiles etc used during the defence). If you're not carrying lots of resources it might take longer than the repair time to get hit, but if your loaded or it's tournament week and you're worth trophies then it's usually pretty fast to get taken out and get a free full repair.
  • AA Rooms have a range

    • And it's proportional to the size of you ship. As such putting AA right in the centre of the long ship might make it ineffective (as it won't be able to hit craft at either end). However this is only an issue for large late game ships (think Extended Visiri Hybrid mothership) so before level 10 it'll never be an issue.