Role Scores - Basic Idea

I found it really hard to know which crew were worth leveling, and which to space just by looking at their stats in-game.

So what do you do when you don't know what crew to level? You write a data stripper to put all the crew details into your own database so you can rank them against each other of course!

The system is simple - it weights then adds up all the important stats for each job (so Weapon for gunners or hp+attack for boarders). Exact maths for each role are below, but once you calculate it all, you can then shows the "best" crew for each job. Now you know exactly what crew to target either via gas draw, bux draw or prestiging.

At first glance, some of the maths below will seem pretty weird. Why do some abilties get divided by 5, but others are multiplied by 10? This is all because that the ability stat means different things to different abilities. Best Gas ability in the game is 8, the best rush is 55 and Galactic Alchemist's Arson ability is 1,000. Obviously you can't compare the those numbers directly for different abilities (or even HP to Weapon etc) so all the weird *8 or /3 are me scaling each value so it's comparable and is "fair".

Assumptions: As stated on the main page, this is all setup for a gunship with a hint of teleporter. Some of the ranking assumptions go out the window if you use a wildly different strategy.

Special note: .... All of this is completely made up. This isn't based on some deep analysis of 10 million matches or a statistics model that's scientifically backed up. This is just me making shit up as I go along that seemed reasonable based on what I've read, or seen so far in-game. If any of it is stupidly wrong - please let me know so I can fix it!

Boarder Crew

HP and the ability to KILLLLL are what boarders care about. They're probably not comming back so no other stat matter.

Boarder Score = (HP * 20) + (Attack * 5) + (Ability Bonus)

Ability Bonuses:

  • Gas: +Ability * 15
  • Critical Strike: +Ability * 8
  • Freeze: +Ability / 4
  • System Hack: +Ability / 6
  • Ultra Dismantle: +Ability * 5
  • First Aid: +Ability * 5
  • Arson: +Ability^2 / 6,000

Rush Crew

Rushers, obviously need the rush abililty. On top of that high weapon or science skill is nice (so they can then go be useful in another room).

Rush Score = (Ability * 10) + (HP * 2) + (highest of weapon/science * 3)

Anyone without the rush ability automatically gets 0.

Gunner/Science Crew

Gunners mostly just care about Weapon stat first, stamina secondly, and are given bonuses for helpful abilities.

Gunner Score = (Weapon * 15) + (HP * 2) + (Ability Bonus)

Science crew are the same but for science stat.

Science Score = (Science * 15) + (HP * 2) + (Ability Bonus)

Ability Bonuses:

  • Rush: +Ability * 2
  • First Aid: +Ability * 3
  • Healing Rain: +Ability * 3
  • Urgent Repair: +Ability * 2
  • Critical Strike: +Ability * 9
  • Freeze: +Ability / 4

Defender Crew

Pretty smiliar to boarders except that you want them to be useful when the opponent doesn't board you, so they also get a bonus from having good weapon or science stat. They're also probably right next to rooms that need to be repaired after they kill a boarder so decent repair stat is also nice.

Boarder Score = (HP * 25) + (Attack * 20) + (Walk Speed * 10) + (Repair * 5) + (highest of weapon or science * 2) + (Ability Bonus)

Ability Bonuses:

  • Critical Strike: +Ability * 8
  • Freeze: +Ability / 4
  • Gas: +Ability * 5
  • Arson: +Ability / 6
  • First Aid: +Ability * 5
  • Healing Rain: +Ability * 3

Repair Crew

Repairers want a high repair stat, at least 3 or more to be able to fully repair weapon rooms in one hit. Stamina and a healing ability is also really useful to keep them alive as they stand in/run through rooms being shot at.

Repairer Score = (Repair * Repair * 20) + (HP * 10) + (Fire Resist) + (Walk speed * 30) + (Ability Bonus)

Ability Bonuses:

  • First Aid: +Ability * 10
  • Healing Rain: +Ability * 10
  • Urgent Repair: +Ability * 8
  • Stasis Shield: +Ability / 8
  • Firewalk: -200