PSS Ship Builder Tool

The ship builder tool allows you to easily play around with ship designs and then save anything you like for later. Maybe you're upgrading and you want to perfect your new ships layout while you wait for the upgrade. Maybe you're planning a change in strategy and want to test how to build it before committing. Maybe you want to create an example layout to show someone new to the game how to sandwhitch armour. Whatever your reasons, the ship builder can help.

To use the tool, simply search for your desired ship hull. Once it's loaded select the rooms type to see a list of available rooms. Click on rooms to add them to your ship then drag them around in the editor to lay it all out correctly. By default the builder only allows the same rooms as the game, however if you want to make a crazy ship simply untick the "Only allow valid rooms" and go wild!

Please let me know if you hit any bugs or if there is something else you'd like it to do.

Qtarian Frigate (Medium) (Level 2)

Room Types:
Click or drag to add Room:
*** Select room type to show room list ***
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(Control+Drag rooms to duplicate them.)

(Drag rooms off the edge to remove them from your ship.)

Active Rooms:
*** Placed rooms will appear here ***

Save Ship Layout:

If you would like to keep your layout, you can save it for later reference. Saving your layout will generate a unique link that you can bookmark or share with otherswill to view your layout exactly as you left it. Just remember that if you make changes after you've saved, you'll have to save it again to keep your updates. Logged in users are able to update saves, however if you don't have an account you'll need to generate a new link every time. If you don't see a save buttons, you haven't made any changes that need saving.

Add Layout To Gallery:

If you think you've made a good layout that could help other people, you can request that it be added to the ship gallery. Once saved, press the 'Request Add To Gallery' button above to request that your layout appear in the public gallery. This is not an automatic process so it will not instantly appear in the gallery. It may take up to 48 hours or more depending on my availability.

(Note: Not all ships will be approved - I want the gallery to be a useful resource full of viable ships, so any layouts that are impossible to recreate in-game, or that are objectively bad will be rejected.)

Ship Stats:



DescriptionStandard frigate class ship. A common rookie ship amongst Qtarian miners.
Ship Level2
Unlock Cost



Grid Spaces (Used / Total)

0 / 80

Resource Grids: 0

Power (Used/Generated)-
View Count:29