PSS Ship Builder Tool

The ship builder tool allows you to easily play around with ship designs and then save anything you like for later. Maybe you're upgrading and you want to perfect your new ships layout while you wait for the upgrade. Maybe you're planning a change in strategy and want to test how to build it before committing. Maybe you want to create an example layout to show someone new to the game how to sandwich armour. Whatever your reasons, the ship builder can help.

To use the tool, simply search for your desired ship hull. Once it's loaded select the rooms type to see a list of available rooms. Click on rooms to add them to your ship then drag them around in the editor to lay it all out correctly. By default the builder only allows the same rooms as the game, however if you want to make a crazy ship simply untick the "Only allow valid rooms" and go wild!

Please let me know if you hit any bugs or if there is something else you'd like it to do.

Qtarian Frigate (Medium) (Level 2)