PSS Crew Loadout Tool

The loudoud tool allows you to see what a crew members final stats would be after gear and training is applied. This allows you to easily plan exactly what gear to craft/buy, and how much training you'll need to hit the stats you're after. Great for planning your 100% rush Huge Hellaloya or 50 weapon skill Lilith.

Simply search for your desired crew memember, equip items, apply some training and see exactly what stats you'll end up with!


Special Ability: Gas  
Collection: - none -
Gear Slots: Leg, Accessory
Description: Being dissolved in mutagenic slime has done nothing to curb this young warrior's sense of adventure.




- Empty -

Select an item to equip to Leg slot. Search for item name or stat:


- Empty -

Select an item to equip to Accessory slot. Search for item name or stat:

(Note: Bonus stats values are NOT sanity checked - I don't know what's a legal roll and what isn't so if you type it in wrong the calculator won't tell you.)


0 / 80 training used





HP 8 8
Attack 3 3
Repair 1.3 1.3
Ability 6 6
Stamina 0 0
Pilot 7 7
Science 17 17
Engineer 17 17
Weapon 7 7
Fire Rst 0 0
Walk Spd 1 1
Run Spd 3 3