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Name Type Subtype Buff Market Price Crafted from Description
 Camo Wrap
CustomisationSkin23 buxA army issue Camo laminate wrap for your ship.
 Sushi Wrap
CustomisationSkin17 buxA sushi vinyl wrap for your ship.
 Rust Metal Look
CustomisationSkin6 buxA rustic metal paint job for your ship.
 Carbon Wrap
CustomisationSkin18 buxA carbon wrap for your ship. Doesn't really do anything but it looks awesome.
 Metallic Sheets
CustomisationSkin-A metallic wrap for your beautiful starship.
 Africa Paint
CustomisationSkin16 buxA beautiful paint mixed by an African chief.
 Stealthy Wrap
CustomisationSkin64 buxA stealthy looking wrap. but not really stealthy.
 Flame Paint
CustomisationSkin25 buxA hot looking paint job.
 Millennium Paint
CustomisationSkin78 buxImage of a nebula in celebration. Special edition for Stardate 1000!
 Nebula Paint
CustomisationSkin132 buxFor camouflage, or just for those who want galactic levels of style!
 Drakian Hunter's Mark
CustomisationSkin2500 buxThis luminous mesh of chameleonic scales marks the bearer as a fearless predator.
 Alien Spine Wrap
CustomisationSkin25 buxA curious design that looks like the spine of an alien creature...or the skeleton of a fish?
 Cracked Glass Wrap
CustomisationSkin29 buxI dunno, something about this just looks amazing.
 Starmap Wrap
CustomisationSkin-An intergalactic explorer's dream hull wrap.
 Dragon Scales
CustomisationSkin-Made with scales from mysterious creature. To honour the tournament winner.
 Snowflake Wrap
CustomisationSkin-A layer of crystalline frost coats your ship, giving it a spectacular glimmer!
 Red Snowflake Wrap
CustomisationSkin-A coat of slick and gleaming crimson, to give your ship a spectacular glimmer!
 Hydra Wrap
CustomisationSkin-Hail Hydra! This winning wrap design is excellent for showing off your dominance in space.
 Hypergate Wrap
CustomisationSkin-Hypergates have allowed for exploration on a galactic scale. Pay tribute with this beautiful ship wrap!
 Year of the Ox Wrap
CustomisationSkin-Celebrate the Year of the Ox! This wrap brings the party with you, wherever you are in the Galaxy.
 Floral Wrap
CustomisationSkin464 buxBeautiful Space Blooms, for aliens to see, this Captain's Mum is Queen of the Galaxy!
 Stars and Stripes
CustomisationSkin151 buxA patriotic wrap in tribute to Life and Liberty throughout the Galaxy, Interstellar Independence.
 Sungrazer Wrap
CustomisationSkin-Decorate your Ship as a Sungrazer; a comet that either crashes into the Sun or passes so close that it burns up. Hot stuff!
 Crystalline Wrap
CustomisationSkin-Disguise your ship as an Infected Vessel. Embrace the inevitable...
 Biohazard Wrap
CustomisationSkin-Cover your ship with Radioactive Ooze! This Animated Ship Wrap positively glows with potential.
 Gearworks Wrap
CustomisationSkin-Adorn your ship with golden gears! This Ship Wrap decorates your hull with a steampunk look.
 Shallow Waters Wrap
CustomisationSkin-Keep your crew cool with this soothing submarine ship skin.
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