PSS Items

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Name Type Subtype Buff Market Price Crafted from Description
 Gold (Au)
ConsumableMaterial14 buxGold (Au). It isn't as valuable in the vastness that is space.
 Carbon (C)
ConsumableMaterial16 buxCarbon (C). a relatively common resource.
 Scrap Iron (Fe)
ConsumableMaterial24 buxScrap Iron (Fe). Common source material.
 Titanium (Ti)
ConsumableMaterial8 buxTitanium (Ti) A much stronger base metal than common scrap.
 Silicon (Si)
ConsumableMaterial27 buxA common base used for electronics and glass materials.
 Dark Matter (Dm)
ConsumableMaterial249 buxDark Matter (Dm). Stuff of the universe. It matters.
 Unknown Material
ConsumableMaterial394 buxA strange alien material. Can be used to craft high quality items.
 Iron Fragment
ConsumableMaterial16 buxSalvageable material.
 Carbon Fragment
ConsumableMaterial16 buxSalvageable material.
 Common Stardust
ConsumableMaterial10 buxUsed to craft basic resources.
 Elite Stardust
ConsumableMaterial20 buxUsed to craft better resources.
 Unique Stardust
ConsumableMaterial60 buxUsed to craft rare resources.
 Epic Stardust
ConsumableMaterial200 buxUsed to craft rarer resources.
 Void Particle
ConsumableMaterial5 buxHarvested from the hearts of dying stars, this substance can be transformed into a range of useful crafting materials.
 Unobtainium sample
ConsumableMaterial-A strange element, used chiefly in heavy-handed allegories.
 Refined-ish Unobtainium
ConsumableMaterial500 buxStolen from Professor Brenda, this incompletely synthesized sample can probably still make something pretty cool.
 Gold Fragment
ConsumableMaterial-Salvageable material.
 Silicon Fragment
ConsumableMaterial-Salvageable material.
 Titanium Fragment
ConsumableMaterial-Salvageable material.
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