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Name Type Subtype Buff Market Price Crafted from Description
 Combat Pants
EquipmentLeg+5 Stamina
9 buxSturdy Combat Pants for protecting private parts.
 Improved Leg Armor
EquipmentLeg+9 Stamina
9 buxImproves mobility for wearer.
 Golden Combat Leggings
EquipmentLeg+20 Stamina
21 buxJust like normal combat leggings, except in Gold and better in every way.
 Epic Leg Armor
EquipmentLeg+30 Stamina
128 buxAn epic leg armor suited to the top ship crews.
 Santa Boots
EquipmentLeg+8 Stamina
7 buxThese boots are made for Santa!
EquipmentLeg+10 Stamina
10 buxProtect your private parts with these good ol pants.
 Sports Helmet
EquipmentHead+12 Stamina
8 buxA protective sports helmet.
 Sports Uniform
EquipmentBody+15 Stamina
27 buxFor aspiring galaxy athletes.
 Sports Pants
EquipmentLeg+10 Stamina
13 buxMore flexible than normal pants. A must for aspiring athletes.
 Mask of Agility
EquipmentHead+14 Stamina
10 buxA mask worn by nerds to run faster.
 Dark Matter Legging
EquipmentLeg+Random Stat
+35 Stamina
1316 buxA Leg Armor made from rare Dark Matter.
 Sports Idol Helmet
EquipmentHead+23 Stamina
46 buxWorn by a favourite sports idol. Now found occassionally on Gbay.
 Idol Sports Uniform
EquipmentBody+25 Stamina
32 buxIt's like a normal sports uniform. Except it was worn by someone famous so now it's epic.
 Idol Sports Pants
EquipmentLeg+20 Stamina
32 buxOnce worn by a famous athlete. These normal looking sports pants are now epic.
 Flashy Mask
EquipmentHead+13 Stamina
17 buxPart of a red costume set.
 Flashy Uniform
EquipmentBody+15 Stamina
9 buxPart of a nice red costume set.
 Flashy Pants
EquipmentLeg+10 Stamina
-More flexible than normal pants. A must for aspiring athletes.
 Maglock Boots
EquipmentLeg+6 Stamina
8 buxMechanical boots designed to make moving across ship hulls easier. Perfect for scrapping derelict starships.
 Soccer Jersey
EquipmentBody+28 Stamina
17 buxLimited edition soccer jersey for players and fans alike. Made from breathable space material improving stamina.
 Soccer Shorts
EquipmentLeg+28 Stamina
20 buxLimited edition soccer pants for players and fans alike. Made from breathable space material improving stamina.
EquipmentHead+20 Stamina
17 buxYou're a lover, not a fighter.
 Magpie of Determination and Faith
EquipmentAccessory+23 Stamina
-This male magpie represents the endurance and long-suffering of separated lovers from across the stars, yearning to meet each other once again.
 Magpie of Love and Destiny
EquipmentAccessory+Random Stat
+23 Stamina
-This female magpie represents the bond between two lovers and the inevitable union as determined by destiny.
 Blue Champion's Jersey
EquipmentBody+25 Stamina
130 buxCommemorative soccer jersey from an ancient, terrestrial competition.
 Foam Hand
EquipmentWeapon+30 Stamina
-Because it's important to keep a hand in the game.
 Neon Hand
EquipmentWeapon+Random Stat
+30 Stamina
-If anyone tells you sport is pointless, give them one of these!
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