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Name Type Subtype Buff Market Price Crafted from Description
 Blue Shirt
EquipmentBody+5 Science
26 buxFor some reason, your shield and system operation skills feel improved while wearing this.
 Blue Officer Uniform
EquipmentBody+8 Science
96 buxYour shield and system operation skills are further improved while wearing this blue uniform.
 Tin Helmet
EquipmentHead+6 Science
73 buxA shiny helmet made from spare parts. Improves shield ops.
 Tin Armor
EquipmentBody+7 Science
72 buxA Tin armor. Improves shield conductivity.
 Tin Leggings
EquipmentLeg+6 Science
86 buxImproves conductivity and shield operations.
 Blue Helmet
EquipmentHead+9 Science
326 buxA Military grade shield operations helmet.
 Blue Armor
EquipmentBody+11 Science
547 buxA Beautiful Blue Armor. Improves shield conductivity.
 Blue Leggings
EquipmentLeg+12 Science
425 buxPerfect leggings for shield room staff!
EquipmentWeapon+1 Science
11 buxUsed to plie stuff.
 Heavy Pliers
EquipmentWeapon+3 Science
16 buxYou can plie bigger things due to the red handle.
 Micro Sampler
EquipmentWeapon+2 Science
36 buxCollects and analyses tiny samples. For science!
 Bore Sampler
EquipmentWeapon+4 Science
33 buxBore a hole, get a sample. This will give you a deeper understanding.
 Sample Scanner
EquipmentWeapon+7 Science
104 buxLearn from a distance. Because science can be dangerous, too!
 Ology Orb
EquipmentAccessory+3 Science
40 buxCan be calibrated to assist in the study of... well... anything!
 Toast Cat
EquipmentAccessory+9 Science
1207 buxFinally! A perpetual motion machine that's easy to make and fun to use! Never hits the ground!
 Fishbowl Helmet
EquipmentHead+9 Science
86 buxMade by turning a fishbowl up side down.
 Charged Lance
EquipmentWeapon+6 Science
49 buxThe space age Knights of the Order of Pointy Things designed this weapon not as a tool for melee combat, but for science! How is it used? We don't know.
 Power Lance
EquipmentWeapon+7 Science
120 buxAn improved version of the Charged Lance designed to give more oomph when poking at sensitive electronics.
 Champion Lance
EquipmentWeapon+8 Science
358 buxChampions of the Intergalactic Jousting Championship are awarded this ceremonial lance as a symbol of honor.
 Storm Lance
EquipmentWeapon+Random Stat
+8 Science
1503 buxOnly the strongest Knights of the galaxy are granted the privilege of using this mighty tool of science.
 Utility Pants
EquipmentLeg+Random Stat
+12 Science
-Utility pants packed full of tools for science!
 Mad Scientist Pants
EquipmentLeg+Random Stat
+12 Science
2755 buxFull of diabolical tools for diabolical purposes! Mwahahahaha!
 Plague Doctor Mask
EquipmentHead+8 Science
211 buxA protective mask with a large beak.
 Plague Doctor Robe
EquipmentBody+10 Science
327 buxThis robe protects the user and makes them seem smarter.
 Plague Doctor Slacks
EquipmentLeg+11 Science
348 buxProtective, simple pants. Study medicine in comfort.
 Plague Surgeon Mask
EquipmentHead+Random Stat
+9 Science
799 buxA protective mask with a large beak. Smells like roses!
 Plague Surgeon Slacks
EquipmentLeg+Random Stat
+12 Science
3546 buxProtective, embroidered pants. Study medicine in style!
 Plague Surgeon Robe
EquipmentBody+Random Stat
+11 Science
2368 buxThis exquisite robe protects the user and makes them a genius!
 Pink Elephant
EquipmentAccessory+Random Stat
+11 Science
2117 buxLook out! Pink elephants on parade.
 Beach Ball 7
EquipmentAccessory+7 Science
112 buxThis environmental analysis drone is ready for anything. Even volleyball!
EquipmentAccessory+9 Science
-A fae feline friend, keeper of forgotten wisdom. Loves a good belly rub.
EquipmentPet+8 Science
-This adorable pet turkey tends to act a little sassy. Gobble, gobble!
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