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Name Type Subtype Buff Market Price Crafted from Description
 Steampunk Visiri Helm
EquipmentHead+Random Stat
+1 Repair
441 buxState-of-the-art Visiri equipment, further refined by ancient Qtarian technologies.
 Detritus Master Helm
EquipmentHead+Random Stat
+1 Repair
276 buxUsed by Qtarians that have transcended the craft of scrap recycling into an art.
 Iron Face Protector
EquipmentHead+0.3 Repair
120 buxA mask used by iron workers.
 Steampunk Rifle
EquipmentWeapon+0.8 Repair
109 buxA rifle with very high repair ability popular amongst Steampunk Crew.
 Steampunk Helmet
EquipmentHead+0.8 Repair
105 buxA rare helmet popular amongst steampunk repair crew.
EquipmentWeapon+0.4 Repair
91 buxThe humble screwdriver has been improved by taking bits out of the handle.
 Steampunk Armor
EquipmentBody+0.8 Repair
85 buxRare armor often worn by Steampunk repair crew.
 Steampunk Pants
EquipmentLeg+0.7 Repair
83 buxRare steampunk gear worn by Steampunk repair crew.
 QT-F Foreman Helm
EquipmentHead+0.7 Repair
81 buxExtra utility for leading tough jobs.
 Heavy Assault Leggings
EquipmentLeg+0.6 Repair
66 buxHeavy assault combat pants.
 Scrapper Headgear
EquipmentHead+0.5 Repair
62 buxLight it up. Break it down.
 Modified Power Drill
EquipmentWeapon+0.5 Repair
58 buxSome guy decided to add some customizations to the power drill.
 Visiri EVA Armor
EquipmentBody+0.4 Repair
49 buxA battle-ready space suit worn by Visiri warriors and ship mechanics alike.
 WTF Power Drill
EquipmentWeapon+0.7 Repair
44 buxThere's a line to how much you should modify something. I feel the line was crossed.
 Mega Screw
EquipmentWeapon+0.6 Repair
41 buxNew from U Screw Corp. For when bigger is better!
 HandyBot 3500
EquipmentAccessory+0.6 Repair
38 buxIt's amazing with further 500 model number increase than the outgoing model! You know it's better!
 Qtarian Goggles
EquipmentHead+0.1 Repair
31 buxA standard set of salvager goggles worn by even the youngest Qtarian.
 Visiri EVA Helm
EquipmentHead+0.4 Repair
30 buxAn armored helmet worn by Visiri who need to survive in the vacuum of space.
 Assault Leggings
EquipmentLeg+0.3 Repair
28 buxPants specially made for combat specialists.
 Visiri EVA Greaves
EquipmentLeg+0.4 Repair
25 buxClawed leg armor used for moving around on the exterior of a ship's hull.
 HandyBot 3000
EquipmentAccessory+0.5 Repair
18 buxIt's model number is 1000 higher than the previous model. So you know it must be better.
 HandyBot 2000
EquipmentAccessory+0.3 Repair
18 buxA hovering repair robot to assist you when needed!
 Steel Face Protector
EquipmentHead+0.5 Repair
13 buxA mask used by steel workers.
EquipmentWeapon+0.2 Repair
12 buxUsed to screw screws. Has a nice plastic handle and a hardened tip.
 Power Drill
EquipmentWeapon+0.3 Repair
10 buxMust have for every builder.
 Salvager Headgear
EquipmentHead+0.3 Repair
9 buxFor getting close up and personal with rusty repair routines!
 Santa Hat
EquipmentHead+0.2 Repair
9 buxHohoho, with this cool hat you can look like Santa!
 Dragon Leggings
EquipmentLeg+0.2 Repair
-Pants specially made for combat specialists.
 Year Banner
EquipmentAccessory+0.4 Repair
-A reminder of what this new thing is that you're celebrating.
 Evil Robot Helmet
EquipmentHead+0.8 Repair
-See the world through the eyes of the enemy. Literally.
 Bug Zapper
EquipmentWeapon+0.8 Repair
-It's time for a hard reset.
EquipmentAccessory+0.7 Repair
-Have you tried turning it off and on again?
 Corrupt Robot Helmet
EquipmentHead+Random Stat
+1 Repair
-Destroy the world wth the eyes of the enemy. Literally.
 Bug Prioritizer
EquipmentWeapon+Random Stat
+0.8 Repair
-It's time to work on the old - ready for the new!
EquipmentAccessory+Random Stat
+0.7 Repair
-This time, try rolling your face on the keyboard...
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