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Name Type Subtype Buff Market Price Crafted from Description
 80's Sunnies
EquipmentHead+2 Pilot
27 buxLook great in these nostalgic sunnies.
 Yellow Shirt
EquipmentBody+3 Pilot
6 buxFor some reason you instantly feel more captain like in this shirt.
 Yellow Officer Uniform
EquipmentBody+7 Pilot
16 buxYou feel even more captain like in this yellow uniform.
 Parth Dunk Helmet
EquipmentHead+5 Pilot
16 buxA sought after helmet by pilots and electronic music fans.
 Varth Dader Helmet
EquipmentHead+7 Pilot
12 buxEvil looking pilot helmets with good in-built bluetooth headphones.
 Red Parth Dunk Helmet
EquipmentHead+6 Pilot
21 bux
1 x
Someone spilled a pint of gas on a Parth Dunk Helmet. Which made it better...
EquipmentAccessory+7 Pilot
16 buxA hovering drone for autopilot assistance.
 Pilot Sidearm
EquipmentWeapon+1 Pilot
7 buxRanged combat in a pinch.
 Pilot Defender
EquipmentWeapon+3 Pilot
7 buxMy Mum always said: A well-armed pilot is an effective pilot.
 The Wingman
EquipmentWeapon+6 Pilot
30 buxA compact assault rifle for use by downed pilots. Also gets the ladies.
 UFO Drone
EquipmentAccessory+1 Pilot
8 buxCan scout ahead of fighters to improve high-speed navigation.
 Advanced UFO Drone
EquipmentAccessory+3 Pilot
28 buxSpeed, stealth, and encrypted comms. This drone gives fighters the edge in a dogfight!
 Armored Flight Helm
EquipmentHead+5 Pilot
9 buxA helmet focused more on visibility than protection.
 Armored Flight Suit
EquipmentBody+5 Pilot
6 buxLightweight, but has some armor and environmental protection for the pilot.
 Armored Flight Boots
EquipmentLeg+5 Pilot
9 buxBoots with integrated control gyros used for advanced flight manoeuvres.
 Dogfighter Helm
EquipmentHead+7 Pilot
10 buxWith an advanced targeting HUD, this helmet offers a substantial advantage in aerial combat.
 Dogfighter Flightsuit
EquipmentBody+7 Pilot
10 buxThe neural interface in this advanced flightsuit reduces reaction times for pilots during intense space battles.
 Dogfighter Boots
EquipmentLeg+7 Pilot
15 buxNot only do these boots look great, they also kick butt in a dogfight!
 Ace Helm
EquipmentHead+10 Pilot
88 buxSignifies the pilot as an Aerial Ace! This Helms HUD gives the pilot a 360 degree view of the battlefield.
 Ace Flightsuit
EquipmentBody+10 Pilot
47 buxAs deadly as it is beautiful. Worn by some of the best fighter pilots in the galaxy.
 Ace Sabatons
EquipmentLeg+10 Pilot
61 buxKick these around real hard to gain a powerful psychological edge!
 Federation Jumpsuit
EquipmentBody+3 Pilot
10 buxStandard Issue clothing for Federation pilots. Not the most flattering cut.
 Federation Jumpsuit Pants
EquipmentLeg+3 Pilot
4 buxStandard Issue clothing for Federation pilots. Do I look flat in these?
 Federation Fatigues
EquipmentBody+6 Pilot
39 buxFederation standard outwear used by experienced federation pilots. Includes some basic protection.
 Federation Slacks
EquipmentLeg+6 Pilot
6 buxTough pants for Federation pilots. Now with added kneepads!
 Federation Combat Coat
EquipmentBody+10 Pilot
54 buxA coat in classic Federation style, made for protection and easy movement whilst operating shipboard bridge.
 Federation Combat Pants
EquipmentLeg+10 Pilot
14 buxDurable pants in iconic Federation style, practical and fashionable
 Federation Officer Armor
EquipmentBody+13 Pilot
116 buxArmor worn by senior federation officers
 Federation Officer Pants
EquipmentLeg+11 Pilot
51 buxShiny officer pants issued by the federation.
 Red Racing Helmet
EquipmentHead+12 Pilot
12 buxA fancy red racing helmet for fans of Crazy Horse team.
 Red Racing Suit
EquipmentBody+12 Pilot
19 buxA fancy red racing suit for fans of Crazy Horse team.
 Red Racing Pants
EquipmentLeg+11 Pilot
31 buxA fancy red racing pants for fans of Crazy Horse team.
 Silver Racing Helmet
EquipmentHead+12 Pilot
15 buxA fancy silver racing helmet for fans of Silver Circle team.
 Silver Racing Suit
EquipmentBody+12 Pilot
15 buxA fancy silver racing suit for fans of Silver Circle team.
 Silver Racing Pants
EquipmentLeg+11 Pilot
32 buxA fancy silver racing pants for fans of Silver Circle team.
 Galaxy Cuirass
EquipmentBody+13 Pilot
-Lead your crew into the dark depths of space with confidence and a commanding sense of style!
 Galaxy Greaves
EquipmentLeg+11 Pilot
-When you step into the far reaches of the unknown, make sure it's with a firm footing!
 For Liberty
EquipmentAccessory+8 Pilot
-Give me liberty, or give me death!
 For Honor
EquipmentAccessory+Random Stat
+8 Pilot
-One if by land, two if by spaceship.
 New Moon
EquipmentAccessory+8 Pilot
-Caused when a Moon and Sun have the same ecliptic longitude. NOT when a romantic vampire goes to high school.
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