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Name Type Subtype Buff Market Price Crafted from Description
 Engineering Cap
EquipmentHead+3 Engine
13 buxThe engineers association cap. It looks fugly but mechanics love it.
 Mechanics Apron
EquipmentBody+3 Engine
8 buxGreat for working in the engine room. Highly oil stain resistant.
 Mechanics Pants
EquipmentLeg+2 Engine
11 buxThey are like normal pants, but uglier.
 Fancy Engineering Cap
EquipmentHead+6 Engine
52 buxSlightly better looking engineers cap. *slightly.
 Crazy Engineering Cap
EquipmentHead+7 Engine
29 buxFor engineers who prefer to work in the dark.
EquipmentWeapon+1 Engine
9 buxFor those hard-to-reach places.
EquipmentWeapon+3 Engine
15 buxFor when you need to get a grip!
EquipmentWeapon+5 Engine
42 buxGiving you the ultimate grip on reality!
EquipmentWeapon+1 Engine
8 buxHelps loosen that annoying bolt when changing engine oils.
 Double Wrench
EquipmentWeapon+2 Engine
13 buxTwice as much wrenching. Perfect for hard workers.
 Engi-Exo Helm
EquipmentHead+4 Engine
16 buxFrom welding to warfare, you can afford to be headstrong in this hardy helmet!
 Engi-Exo Suit
EquipmentBody+4 Engine
16 buxEngineered to max safety standards!
 Engi-Exo Boots
EquipmentLeg+4 Engine
14 buxThese boots provide added stability when doing heavy lifting.
 Engi Combatant Helm
EquipmentHead+6 Engine
66 buxBringing tech support to the front lines... in style!
 Engi Combatant Armor
EquipmentBody+6 Engine
37 buxBattle Armor for engineers operating war machinery.
 Engi Combat Boots
EquipmentLeg+7 Engine
58 buxPiston-assisted boots for movement and strength, wherever the battle takes you.
 Overhauler Helm
EquipmentHead+8 Engine
115 buxWorn only by Engineers who posses extraordinary aptitude for mechanical support in even the most heated battles.
 Overhauler Armor
EquipmentBody+8 Engine
138 buxBattle Armor for engineers operating war machinery.
 Overhauler Boots
EquipmentLeg+8 Engine
150 buxSolid boots make for a solid kick-start. That'll get the engine going!
 Qtarian Mini-Satellite
EquipmentAccessory+3 Engine
8 buxIt has a solar-powered light that can be helpful for small engineering tasks.
 QT-02 Worker Drone
EquipmentAccessory+5 Engine
16 buxIts larger size allows it to carry your spare wrench!
 QT-AT Mech-Drone
EquipmentAccessory+7 Engine
55 buxThe Qtarian Engineers from Homeworld gave this new model tracks (and regular memory wipes) to keep it grounded.
 QT-E Mobilizer
EquipmentAccessory+9 Engine
220 buxUsed by Qtarian Engineers to to bring derelict ships back into service.
 QT Mechworks Drone
EquipmentAccessory+Random Stat
+11 Engine
1400 buxAn Engineer's best friend! It basically does all the engineering for you!
 Reindeer Ears
EquipmentHead+5 Engine
28 buxLimited Edition Xmas Reindeer Ears loved by Engineering Crew.
 Reindeer Costume
EquipmentBody+5 Engine
26 buxA Special Edition Reindeer Costume! Loved by Engineering Staff.
 Reindeer Pants
EquipmentLeg+5 Engine
17 buxSpecial edition Reindeer Pants.
 Alpha Reindeer Ears
EquipmentHead+7 Engine
72 buxLimited Edition Xmas Reindeer Ears loved by Engineering Crew.
 Alpha Reindeer Costume
EquipmentBody+7 Engine
67 buxA Special Edition Reindeer Costume! Loved by Engineering Staff.
 Alpha Reindeer Pants
EquipmentLeg+7 Engine
198 buxSpecial edition Reindeer Pants.
 The 'Screw Hydra'
EquipmentWeapon+8 Engine
3000 buxWhat's better than a normal screwdriver to screw your opponents over with? A multi-headed one!
EquipmentWeapon+8 Engine
2323 buxLooks like a lightsaber but it's actually just a really radiant screwdriver.
 Overhauled Boots
EquipmentLeg+Random Stat
+8 Engine
1134 buxLowered suspension, intercooled and nitro-boosted. Fully customized engineer boots!
 Overhauled Armor
EquipmentBody+Random Stat
+8 Engine
1453 buxVacuum sealed and radiation hardened, an Engineer's best friend.
 Overhauled Helm
EquipmentHead+Random Stat
+8 Engine
794 buxLined with elastomeric insulators. Resistance is butyl!
 Perseverance Rover
EquipmentPet+8 Engine
189 buxThis robotic Astro-biologist will scour Mars for signs of ancient life!
 Eggs-Ray Specs
EquipmentHead+8 Engine
-Essential for detecting organic contaminants in your engine block.
EquipmentLeg+8 Engine
-The fur lining is so comfy! Is it some kind of wool?
 Cottontail Armor
EquipmentBody+Random Stat
+8 Engine
-Stay a hop ahead of the competition.
 EGG Finder
EquipmentWeapon+6 Engine
-This Electro-Graph Generator can detect traces of cacao a nanometre in size.
 EGG Finder MKII
EquipmentWeapon+Random Stat
+7 Engine
-An Electro-Graph Generator with retrograde rockets! Not quite sure why though.
 Zhurong Rover
EquipmentPet+8 Engine
323 buxThe perfect companion for exploring the new frontier!
 Customized Clamp
EquipmentWeapon+6 Engine
260 buxBecause everything is better with RGB lighting, right? Reinforced with mercury amalgam alloys.
 Extendo-Clamp Plus
EquipmentWeapon+Random Stat
+7 Engine
3377 buxThe pinnacle of extension torque technology for those hard to reach places. It also bends things! Simply insert a girder.
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