Galactic Alchemist


Galactic Alchemist is a Legendary crew member use in Pixel Starships.

Special Ability: Arson  
Collection: - none -
Gear Slots: Head, Accessory
Description: Cold and inscrutable, her search for immortality has led her to knowledge best left forgotten...

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Level 40 Stats




HP 12
Attack 2
Repair 2
Ability** 1000
Stamina 1
Pilot 12
Science 29
Engineer 14
Weapon 17
F. Resist 100
Walk 1
Run 2
Training 110
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Role Scores




Boarder 100
Rush 0
Gunner 53
Science 86
Defender 76
Repairer 61

(* Crew stat Rating compares this crew to the best stat found in the game (e.g. at level 40 a crew could have HP 7, but the highest HP for any crew in the game is 14, so 7 is 50% of the best HP possible).

(** The Ability stat for different Special Abilities means different things (best Arson ability value is 1000, but best Gas ability is 8), so the Ability stat is only compared against Ability scores for the same Special.)

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Comments (1)


I've just started using her as a boarder, and boy is she a killing machine once her Arson kicks in. With amazing equipment slots for easily getting good fire resist (170+ preferably) and a great amount of ABL invested, her arson fries all crew that come in her room, while she relishes the flames and heals tons of HP like she's being in a therapeutic sauna. The only downside is when the enemy ship has urgent repair crew, that will extinguish the fires, but then when the flames are put out, you could just make her a shield/tlp booster for your own ship because of her sky high SCI (even if no training stats are invested in her), plus she could also help repair rooms that are on fire in your ship as she heals in them as well.

Overall a very useful crew being very good at tons of roles whether it be a boarder, or your own ship crew. I definitely recommend her.