Pirate Alex


Pirate Alex is a Special crew member use in Pixel Starships.

Special Ability: Gas  
Space Pirate
Gear Slots: Body, Leg, Weapon, Accessory, Pet
Description: This Starship Captain's mechanical skill has gotten him out of some tricky situations. He always tunes his starship's engine perfectly for dodging trouble!

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Level 40 Stats




HP 9
Attack 3
Repair 2.5
Ability** 6
Stamina 1
Pilot 16
Science 12
Engineer 17.5
Weapon 12
F. Resist 20
Walk 1
Run 2
Training 200
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Role Scores




Boarder 66
Rush 0
Gunner 37
Science 37
Defender 66
Repairer 42

(* Crew stat Rating compares this crew to the best stat found in the game (e.g. at level 40 a crew could have HP 7, but the highest HP for any crew in the game is 14, so 7 is 50% of the best HP possible).

(** The Ability stat for different Special Abilities means different things (best Arson ability value is 1000, but best Gas ability is 8), so the Ability stat is only compared against Ability scores for the same Special.)

Pirate Alex Prestige Combinations

To make Pirate Alex

'Special' crew cannot be prestiged.

Pirate Alex can make

'Special' crew cannot be prestiged.