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Here you'll find my Pixel Starships beginners guide to Gunship + Teleporter, as well as a wide range of other game data and tools. Check it, hopefully you find it useful and please tell me if you spot any bugs. This site is now huge and testing it all myself is getting hard - bug reports help immensely!

And a huge thanks to zero for a massive donation that made pixel-prestige ad free for the next few months!

"Just do this" Guide to PSS

-> Part 1 - Intro <-

Checkout a full beginner guide for all PSS players from ship level 1 to 10. It'll tell you exactly what to do and how to make a brutal ship that can win +90% of your pvp attacks.

Ship Builder

-> Ship Builder <-

Plan your layout and save different setups all from the comfort of your PC (or phone if you're into that).

Prestige Calculator

-> Prestige Calculator <-

Tell it the crew you own, and who you want to end up with and the Prestige Calculator will figure out the (hopefully) optimal path to achieved it.

The rest

And so much more including (but not limited to):

  • - Ship Gallery

    Browse the gallery of ship layouts created by both myself and the community (feel free to submit your own if you build something you like with the ship builder).

  • - Crew List

    A list of every crew member in Pixel Starships, complete with in-game stats and PixelPrestige role ratings.

  • - Crew Loadout Builder

    This tool can tell you what the stats of your crew will be after you train and equip gear. Or be used backwards to work out exactly what gear/training you need to make your crew have the stats you want.

  • Full Set of Game Data

    Gathered straight from Savy Soda's servers - these lists can help you find about any item, ship, or room Pixel Starships.

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Change Log

  • 23rd Apr 2021 - Added bonus stats to crew loadout calculator.
  • 23rd Feb 2021 - Rewrote crew sort page in javascript for real time updating.
  • 6th Feb 2021 - Added daily offers to main page.
  • 31st Oct 2020 - "Other calculators" page added.
  • 21st Oct 2020 - Ship notes added to ship builder.
  • 15th Sep 2020 - Ship Gallery added.
  • 13th Sep 2020 - Major ship builder usability improvements.
  • 12th Sep 2020 - Added Ship Gallery.
  • 2nd Aug 2020 - Added Research Pages.
  • 22th May 2020 - Added Ship builder.
  • 25th Apr 2020 - Added crew loadout tool and item market price data.
  • 10th Apr 2020 - Added item list and item pages.
  • 27th Mar 2020 - Prestige Calculator updated to work with no target.
  • 15st Mar 2020 - New pages theme.
  • 10st Mar 2020 - New crew pages.
  • 22th Feb 2020 - Move to shiny new domain!
  • 15th Feb 2020 - Added Prestige Calculator.
  • 31st Jan 2020 - Added 'Buy or Craft?' section to equipment page.
  • 10th Jan 2020 - Added crew training recommendations.
  • 18th Dec 2019 - Added Random Knowledge section for useful things that didn't fit anywhere else.
  • 20th Nov 2019 - Added Equipment + Modules section
  • 10th Nov 2019 - Initial crew guide created