PSS Items

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Name Type Subtype Buff Market Price Crafted from Description
 Weak Growth Supplement
ConsumableReduce Prestige424 buxReduces prestige time by 15 minutes.
 Strong Growth Supplement
ConsumableReduce Prestige14 buxReduces prestige time by 3 hours.
 Concentrated Growth Supplement
ConsumableReduce Prestige31 buxReduces prestige time by 10 hours.
 Super Growth Supplement
ConsumableReduce Prestige190 buxReduces prestige time by 2 days.
 Mutant Growth Accelerator
ConsumableReduce Prestige527 buxReduces prestige time by 7 days
 Instant Growth Accelerator
ConsumableReduce Prestige1150 buxInstantly completes crew prestige. Does not guarantee intellectual or emotional maturity.
 Standard Growth Supplement
ConsumableReduce Prestige183 buxReduces prestige time by 1 hour.
 Cosmic Cornucopia
ConsumableReduce Prestige-Give thanks with this bounty of delicious delicacies. Reduces prestige time by 2 days.
 Lunar Lovin' Album
ConsumableReduce Prestige-Stellar Soul Songs from the Galaxy's Super Giants. Groovy! Reduces prestige time by 7 days.
 Jubilee Sundae
ConsumableReduce Prestige-The sweet taste of freedom! Reduces prestige time by 10 hours.
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