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Name Type Subtype Buff Market Price Crafted from Description
 Bat Sprinkler
EquipmentModule+80 FireResistance
-A spooky sprinkler! I really hope that's water...
 Blue Moon
EquipmentAccessory+65 FireResistance
-Best used when standing alone. Side effects may include: Dreaming Heart, Loneliness, and singing old songs.
 Combat Fire Warden Helmet
EquipmentHead+55 FireResistance
23 buxHigh tech fire retardant technology.
 Confetti Sprinkler
EquipmentModule+70 FireResistance
-Passed intergalactic Health and Safety with flying colors!
 Deepfin Mask
EquipmentHead+Random Stat
+70 FireResistance
-Much like a space suit, this heavy-duty helmet serves to keep air in and water out.
 Diving Mask
EquipmentHead+70 FireResistance
-Provides a steady stream of breathable air, perfect for anyone lacking gills.
 Draconian Armor
EquipmentBody+65 FireResistance
36 buxStandard issue Draconian Armor
 Draconian Guard
EquipmentWeapon+75 FireResistance
-Forged within the blistering inferno of a legendary battle between Draconian Gods.
 Draconian Helmet
EquipmentHead+60 FireResistance
137 buxThe standard helmet for Draconian Soldiers.
 Draconian Legging
EquipmentLeg+50 FireResistance
28 buxStandard issue Draconian Leggings
 Dragon Armor
EquipmentBody+50 FireResistance
-Dragon Armor
 Elite Draconian Helmet
EquipmentHead+70 FireResistance
336 buxAn especially ornate helmet, of Draconian design.
 Fire Warden Hat
EquipmentHead+25 FireResistance
12 buxA nice hat worn by fire wardens.
 Fire Warden Pants
EquipmentLeg+25 FireResistance
7 buxThese pants look real fat. But they do keep the heat away from your privates.
 Fire Warden's Jacket
EquipmentBody+30 FireResistance
13 buxStops fire from burning your body hair.
 Fireman Mask
EquipmentHead+45 FireResistance
14 buxComes with a nice gas mask so you can breathes in smoke.
 Foaming Sprinkler
EquipmentModule+70 FireResistance
188 buxFoam gushes out of this thing -_-
 Hi-Yield Disease Repellent Attire
EquipmentHead+80 FireResistance
500 buxA limited edition respiratory mask. Winners only!
 Hot Rod Armor
EquipmentBody+30 FireResistance
16 buxA heavy (and stylish) combat armor.
 Hot Rod Leggings
EquipmentLeg+30 FireResistance
111 buxAwesome looking leggings and protects you from Fire.
 Inferno Ward
EquipmentWeapon+75 FireResistance
2199 buxForged within the blistering inferno of an ancient stellar collision.
 Ooze Armor
EquipmentBody+75 FireResistance
-A favourite of the Visiri, this fire-proof armor moisturizes the skin, and makes a loyal family pet.
 Ooze Pants
EquipmentLeg+65 FireResistance
-If you don't mind a little radioactive slime, you'll never find a more comfortable pair of pants.
 Organic Sprinkler
EquipmentModule+80 FireResistance
-By genetically combining a blue whale with a small bat, scientists have finally created the cutest solution for shipboard fire safety systems!
 Pneumatic Sprinkler
EquipmentModule+80 FireResistance
305 buxUses de-pressurisation and chemical compounds to dampen flames.
 Pressure Sprinkler
EquipmentModule+60 FireResistance
101 buxWater gushes out of this thing -_-
 Qtarian Beacon
EquipmentAccessory+Random Stat
+65 FireResistance
-This ingenious device piggybacks off the Qtarian psi network to bypass all forms of electronic interference.
 Qtarian Marker
EquipmentAccessory+65 FireResistance
-Nothing short of an ion storm can stop this radiation-hardened comms unit from broadcasting clearly.
 Recycled Air Disease Inhibitor
EquipmentHead+80 FireResistance
1995 buxAdvanced respiratory mask. Almost smoke-proof!
 Slime Carapace
EquipmentBody+Random Stat
+75 FireResistance
-The hardened shell of some long forgotten beast, reanimated with nuclear ooze.
 Slime Tendrils
EquipmentLeg+Random Stat
+65 FireResistance
-These gooey britches look like socks for some kind of octopus... A socktopus?
 Snakehead Sprinkler
EquipmentModule+100 FireResistance
-A sprinkler in the shape of snake head. Does not spit acid.
 Snowflake Sprinkler
EquipmentModule+70 FireResistance
-These snowflakes look suspiciously identical.
 Sonic Sprinkler
EquipmentModule+100 FireResistance
-A high tech device that uses intense pulse vibrations to contain fires. Also serves as a dirt-remover.
 Superb Soaker
EquipmentWeapon+65 FireResistance
-Drench the competition with an extended tank of wet justice!
 Superb Soaker XXL
EquipmentWeapon+Random Stat
+65 FireResistance
-Like having a monsoon in your pocket, or drinking from a fire hose.
 Trooper Draconian Helmet
EquipmentHead+Random Stat
+70 FireResistance
1179 buxAn armored crown, made exclusively for the fearsome Draconian warrior caste. They're extinct now though, so it's fine.
 Umbrella Hat
EquipmentHead+60 FireResistance
-Fear no solar radiation; only intergalactic ridicule.
 Water Pistol
EquipmentWeapon+50 FireResistance
-It may just be a toy, but it still makes you harder to set on fire.
 Water Sprinkler
EquipmentModule+50 FireResistance
53 buxAutomatically puts out fires.
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